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Should I return to church? A child is making this dad reconsider

Posted by The Episcopal Church on Nov 5, 2014 1:00:00 PM

New parents are full questions, and while many of those questions are practical, like “What do I do if my baby has a fever?” or “How do I choose a good daycare?” sometimes parenthood can bring up questions about faith.

Christopher and his wife recently had a baby, and he has been thinking a lot about his spiritual journey and returning to the church in order to give his son the opportunity to experience and develop his own faith. Perhaps some of Christopher’s experiences, thoughts, and questions will be familiar to you.

Church is a mystery to kids

Christopher: When I was really young, like five years old, or maybe even younger, I would go to church and it was mysterious and strange to me. I remember at communion time watching everybody who had received their first communion go up and receive the Eucharist. There was always this tremendous mystery in that, you know, “What are people doing? What do they know that I don’t know?”

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The real-life story of one child's spiritual journey

Posted by The Episcopal Church on Oct 13, 2014 3:23:26 PM

Children naturally sense of the presence of God, even from a very young age, but often they just don’t have the words to help them identify and express it.

Intellectual understanding will come in its own time, but a child’s innate spirituality means that it is never too early to introduce him or her to the concept of God.

Sometimes it can seem like God is too hard to explain, so when you talk with your child about God, think of it not as an explanation, but as an invitation to explore.

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how to talk to your children about god

how to talk to your children about god