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Should my kids go to Sunday School?

Posted by The Episcopal Church on Aug 11, 2014 4:42:00 PM

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It’s just about that time of year again—back to school time. Time to wrangle school supplies, scour stores for new wardrobes, savor some final summer fun, and yes, it’s time steel yourself for that inevitably emotional moment of saying goodbye to your kids on the first day of class.

No matter how teary-eyed some of us may get, every year we hand off our children to teachers with the intention of giving them the tools they need to mature, grow, and navigate successfully through life. And as any parent knows (especially in this competitive day-and-age) when it comes to education, you demand nothing short of the best. For some parents this may mean private schools, or private tutors, or afterschool enrichment programs.

An often-overlooked educational boost

But there’s another, often over-looked way to round out and enrich your child’s education—one that’s proven not only to lead to better test scores, but also to a happier more fulfilling life: Sunday School and church.

If you’ve ever asked yourself “Should my kids go to Sunday School?” you may want to take a look at the following reports. According to a study by sociologist Mark D. Regnerus, religious participation correlates to higher test scores and increased educational expectations. Another study by sociologists Chandra Muller and Christopher Ellison (considered one of the most comprehensive studies on religion and education to date) has found that religious involvement has had positive effects on children’s sense of self, scholastic expectations, time spent on homework, and even math skills.

In addition to academic success, participation in a religious community is directly linked to happiness and overall sense of well being, as well as higher self-esteem, and children who are better adjusted and better behaved than their peers.

So as this school year takes off, and you’re looking for ways to give your kids an educational boost, it’s the perfect time to consider Sunday school. Reach out to your local Episcopal church to find out about schedules and enrollment.

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