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How to Teach Your Kids Right From Wrong – 3 Easy Tips

Posted by The Episcopal Church on Oct 6, 2014 3:18:00 PM

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Are you having trouble explaining to your child the difference between right and wrong? Relax, it’s not that you don’t know the difference—you just don’t have the words. The good news is, the Bible does have the words, almost 800,000 of them! And they can easily be related to the daily choices your kids have to make.

Here are 3 simple ways to translate what the Bible has to say about right and wrong into language any child can understand.

Tip #1: Ask, “How does your heart feel?”

Throughout the Bible there are references to the breath of God, or the breath of the Almighty that gives life. Our friends over at Forward Movement make this into a kid-friendly metaphor: “Some people describe the Holy Spirit as the breath of God. This imagery works well when describing that feeling in your heart during difficult decision-making. Listen to what the breath of God is saying: does your heart feel soft and open or hard and heavy?”

Tip #2: Tell a story—or watch a cartoon!

The Bible is full of entertaining stories that teach the difference between right and wrong. You can paraphrase your favorites yourself, ask a pastor to recommend a few tales, check out a local Sunday School, or find a good children’s Bible to read at bedtime. With a little help from the Internet, you can even watch these stories as a cartoon! Take for instance this animated Parable of the Good Samaritan.

Bonus Tip: After the story is over, always take a moment to ask your kids a few questions to help the lessons sink in.

Tip #3: Have Fun with the 10 Commandments

Make them rhyme, make them sing, or just make them simple. Familiarizing your kids with the 10 Commandments will make it easier to refer back to them when choices between right and wrong come up in their lives.

Want more tips on how to talk to your kids about tough topics?  Download our free parent’s guide.

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