Big God, Busy Mom - The blog with childproof answers to BIG questions


There are two certainties in parenthood:

1. Kids don't come with instructions

2. Parents are busy

We get that. But, the good news is: We're here to help!

No matter how much you feel you need to learn about God, or how little time you feel you have, there are tons of easy and fun ways to talk about God and incorporate faith into your family life.

Take me to the blog!

In our Big God, Busy Mom blog, we're going to share weekly tips, activities, and stories to help you start meaningful conversations about God with your children.

  • Don't know how to say grace? We'll teach you the easy way
  • Worried that God is too difficult a subject for young kids? It doesn't have to be!
  • Can't explain the difference between right and wrong? Relax - you already know - but we'll help you with the words
  • Wondering what it's like to take your child to church for the first time? We'll ask a family who did it

Big God, Busy Mom is your go-to resource for childproof answers to big questions.